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In the Amazon Bestseller So You've Been Sent to Diversity Training: Smiling Through the DEI Apocalypse, (Bombardier Books, Sept. 28, 2022) Chadwick Moore digs into the nefarious, rampant business of diversity, equity, and inclusion training in the workplace.

In So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training, Chadwick Moore meets everyday workers from across the country who have one thing in common: they’ve all been forced to undergo diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training on the job. Speaking to police officers, fighter jet repairmen, oil rig workers, secretaries, retail managers, and IT specialists, Moore presents a unique, funny, and piercing dispatch exposing a corrupt political ideology that has infected nearly all areas of American life.

Bizarre theories on race, sexuality, and gender are no longer confined to the ivory tower; they’re now an integral part of the workplace. One of the few writers with unflinching insight into the psyche of the left, Moore takes on the sinister and ridiculous dogma of DEI and asks, How did we get here? Who benefits from this? And is there a way out?

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“In the leftist madness all around us, voices of sanity are rare. Fortunately, we have Chadwick Moore, who delivers a brilliantly crafted and ruthless takedown of the petty, sour little despots ruining America—and does it with a wicked sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud from page one. So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training blows the lid off the DEI insanity, relentlessly mocks its practitioners, and fortifies you for the battle against it. An important, hilarious, and cool read.”

–Monica Crowley, Ph.D., media personality, bestselling author, and host of the Monica Crowley Podcast


“Chadwick Moore’s hilarious, insightful first book—So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training—is a must read for anyone who wants to take their country back from the Marxist mob. Moore brings together whistleblowers from all walks of life who speak out about the insane and often hateful DEI instruction they’re forced to endure just to keep their jobs. A wokeness pandemic has been spreading through America—and Chadwick’s book is a vaccine that actually works.”

–Buck Sexton, conservative commentator and co-host of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

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