by Chadwick Moore

All Seasons Press; August 1, 2023; 272 pages

Tens of millions know Tucker Carlson as the most influential and most disruptive voice in American media. But who is Tucker Carlson off camera? What created and now motivates the man who revolutionized conservatism and became the scourge of the establishment left and right?

In this New York Times bestseller, author Chadwick Moore was granted unprecedented access to Tucker Carlson through hundreds of hours of interviews, documents, photographs, and more. His conversations with Tucker, his family, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies, produced this inside look into one of the most beloved—and polarizing—media figures.

Praise for Tucker by Chadwick Moore

“During the pandemic, Tucker Carlson emerged as the most visible and relentlessly vocal champion for the American tradition of personal liberty — including freedom of speech — and for our Bill of Rights. His courage in promoting those causes, with incomparable eloquence and implacable logic — at great personal cost — made him the most popular television personality among my fellow Democrats. Chadwick Moore’s book, Tucker, captures the Tucker Carlson I have come to know.” — Robert F. Kennedy JR

”Tucker Carlson is an indispensable voice at this critical time in out country. This wonderful book gives readers real insight into Tucker, the person -- and why he refuses to buckle to the pressures of the power elite, no matter how much they try to silence him." — Tulsi Gabbard

“Chadwick Moore’s biography of Tucker Carlson, the most interesting and positively disruptive man in media today, is a page-turning, timely adventure. Millions of people are swayed by what Mr. Carlson says; now they will have insight into who the man is, what shaped him, and why he causes the global tsunamis he does. An unmissable look at a complex man and the times which he has so affected.” — Naomi Wolf

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"The reason this book is one of the most important books of the year and you will cherish it, is because it is an extraordinary story of an extraordinary man. It is the journey of the conservative movement and of the country. You won't want to put it down, a true page turner" — Steve Bannon

“Tucker’s unexpected transformation from jewel in the Fox News crown to fully independent voice on Twitter – sorry, X – is the latest twist in a life story that Chadwick Moore, a former guest on Tucker’s show as well as on other Fox News programs (notably The Five), tells with verve and admiration in his estimable new biography, Tucker. Perhaps Moore’s most effective accomplishment in this fine book is that he paints a thoroughly convincing three-dimensional portrait of a man who, deep down, is far less preoccupied with politics per se than with family, faith, and the enduring moral and aesthetic questions – which, by the way, he considers intimately intertwined with one another. Never getting bogged down too long in any chapter of Tucker’s career, Moore leads us nimbly through it all.” – Bruce Bawer, Front Page Magazine

“Tucker is the most insightful and complex political book released this year, one that has organically reached an audience without the arsenal of legacy PR experts Stelter can safely rely on during his book tour. It never aims for a squeaky clean depiction of Tucker as a tony protector of tradition. Citing Tucker’s lifelong devotion to Hunter S. Thompson (he keeps an unfinished pack of Dunhill’s in his desk drawer that the gonzo journalist once randomly gave him at a dinner), Moore depicts his subject as a well-read potty-mouthed renegade fascinated by the power of language and dedicated to defending individual autonomy. More to the point, he argues that what separates Tucker from other prominent Right personalities like the late Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity is his dedication to aesthetics, painting Carlson as a sock-and-deodorant hating woodsman with a Russian literature habit who abhors modernist architecture and doesn’t own a television. After reading Tucker, one realizes it’s a foregone conclusion that such a larger-than-life persona could never last in the world of cable news. Moore crafts a brisk and bawdy story of the rise and constant pivots of one of media’s most compelling figures. Readers may not find it as endlessly quotable as Brian Stelter clearly has, but it’s bound to change perceptions if only those who could benefit from it the most would put in the time.” — Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield, The Pamphleteer

“Moore’s narrative is well-crafted and written with a journalist’s eye for compelling detail and heart. He tells a story worth sharing about a man worth knowing.” – Anita Sherman, The Epoch Times

“Tucker is a comprehensive and penetrating exploration of Tucker Carlson's life, beliefs, and influence on American media and culture. Chadwick Moore's detailed account provides readers with a deeper understanding of the man behind the television persona. Whether you admire Carlson's views or approach with skepticism, this book offers valuable insights into the mind and motivations of one of today's most prominent conservative voices. Tucker Carlson's unwavering commitment to truth, liberty, and the well-being of society shines through as a central theme in this compelling biography.” – Amazon customer

“You can't help but laugh at some of the descriptions of Tucker's childhood. His father was a real character and his children saw real life, while they were still children. A few times, I had to put the book down and get a tissue to wipe my eyes from laughing. The upbringing of Tucker and Buckley may have been an odd one, but their father Dick, and his second wife, gave these two boys a wonderful perspective on life. Thanks to Mr, Moore, we all know more about Tucker's childhood and what a really true family man he is. Terrific!” – Amazon customer

So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training: Smiling Through the DEI Apocalypse

By Chadwick Moore

Bombardier Books; September 28, 2022; 116 pages

So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training digs into the nefarious, rampant business of diversity, equity, and inclusion training in the workplace.

In this #1 Amazon bestseller, Chadwick Moore meets everyday workers from across the country who have one thing in common: they’ve all been forced to undergo diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training on the job. Speaking to police officers, fighter jet repairmen, oil rig workers, secretaries, retail managers, and IT specialists, Moore presents a unique, funny, and piercing dispatch exposing a corrupt political ideology that has infected nearly all areas of American life.

Bizarre theories on race, sexuality, and gender are no longer confined to the ivory tower; they’re now an integral part of the workplace. One of the few writers with unflinching insight into the psyche of the left, Moore takes on the sinister and ridiculous dogma of DEI and asks, How did we get here? Who benefits from this? And is there a way out?

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